BAM BAM In Charge of Things Great Job Sara and the rest of the Midlothian Chamber with the first Bike Across Midlothian Event 93448453 Sunrise "I woke up and found myself sitting at this table." 93448454 A little help Oh, is that how you do it? Thanks! 93448455 Well Organized Hello Mike? Why won't Mike answer his cell phone? 93448456 Looking on Mike, Steve, and Kyle watch the participants arrive. 93448457 Looking on Mike surveys the crowd 93448458 Hard Work Is that sweat or melted ice? 93448459 Welcome! Step Right Up! Step Right Up! 93448460 Coffee Talk Luckily, there was lots of refreshments at the BAM race for the participants and the volunteers who worked so hard. 93448462 Stadium Shot The stadium was a beautiful starting location for the race. 93448463 Signing In Is this the line for the Chik-Fil-A? 93448464 Safety and Health Go slow across bridges please. 93448465 Leading the Charge 93448466 Full Parking Lot 93448468