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Midlothian Rotary Club
Midlothian, Tx


If you are interested in visiting the Midlothian Rotary Club, please send an email with your contact details to

One of our members will contact you. Or, feel free to stop by the Midlothian Civic Center any Tuesday at noon and have lunch with us.

What are the qualifications for membership?
Often, a person being considered for membership is invited by a club member, or sponsor, to attend one or more club meetings to learn more about Rotary. In this case, the sponsor submits the candidate's name to the club's membership committee. 

Prospective members must

Hold (or be retired from) a professional, proprietary, executive, managerial, or community position

Have demonstrated a commitment to service through personal involvement

Be able to meet the club's attendance or community project participation requirements

Live or work within the vicinity of the club or surrounding area

What are the responsibilities of membership?
Members are expected to attend weekly club meetings. Members must pay annual dues to their clubs (which also covers Rotary district and Rotary International affiliation fees), and you're expected to participate in local and/or international Rotary club activities or projects. Clubs encourage members to aspire to club leadership or committee roles.

What are the attendance requirements? 

A member must attend or make up at least 50% of club regular meetings or satellite club meetings, or engage in club projects, other events and activities.   

What is the minimum age to be in Rotary?
There is no minimum age to join Rotary. You may be invited to join at any age after you become established in a career and have the time and financial resources to meet all Rotary club membership requirements. If you’re interested in joining a Rotary club, ask members about the time and financial commitments necessary to fulfill membership requirements, and consider whether you can make those commitments.