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Midlothian Rotary Club
Midlothian, Tx



For only $40.00 per year, you can proudly promote your patriotism, spirit and love for our wonderful country by flying a 3x5 U.S. Flag in your yard, or at your place of business.  The flag will be installed, delivered and retrieved by the Midlothian Rotary Club in celebration of each of the following holidays:


Memorial Day 

Flag Day - June 14

Independence Day - July 4th

Labor Day

Patriot Day - September 11th

Veteran's Day - November 11th


Terms and Conditions

I agree to participate in the MIDLOTHIAN ROTARY CLUB "Old Glory" flag subscription program for an annual contribution of $40.00 per flag per year. 

MIDLOTHIAN ROTARY CLUB (Club) agrees to place the U.S. Flag at the address provided for the six (6) specified holidays of the year. The address provided is located within the general boundaries of the Midlothian Independent School District.  I understand that in case of  inclement weather, the flags may not be displayed. It is my responsibility to advise the Club of any pertinent sprinkler, plumbing, electrical or other utility service locations on site when the pipe sleeve is installed. I will designate the location within approximately 15" from the back of the curb, where I want the sleeve installed and allow the Club to place a paint mark on the curb, street or sidewalk to mark the location of the sleeve. If I do not designate my desired spot, the Club will choose the location for me. It will also be my responsibility to make sure that the pipe sleeve, once it has been set by the Club, does not rise to where it may damage any equipment used to maintain the site.

Flag installation is not guaranteed for an upcoming flag day on orders received less than 4 weeks before that holiday 

You can download a flag application form here.

If you have any issues or questions about the flag program, please contact the Club.